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Game of Thrones, This Map is Not to Scale

link 25 Nov Steve Jobs: Inside the Inbox of Apple's CEO»

Mark Milian released his e-book titled Letters to Steve: Inside the E-mail Inbox of Apple’s Steve Jobs, which chronicles — among many things — the prickly side of Jobs that we all found so…

link 13 Nov This Video Game Portrait Is Made Entirely of Salt [Video]»
link 6 Oct Now Streaming on Hulu: Full Episodes of Good Eats»

2010_10_04-Hulu.jpgWe’re big fans of the streaming video site Hulu, but we’ve been puzzled by the lack of food content there. Yes, there has been some video from Food Network, but only clips — never full…

link 5 Oct Here comes Google TV»
(Cross-posted from the Google TV Blog)

It’s been almost five months since we introduced Google TV to the world at Google I/O, and today we’re happy to give you an update on our progress. For…
link 1 Oct Senate Votes To Turn Down Volume On TV Commercials»

Hugh Pickens writes “Ever since television caught on in the 1950s, the FCC has been getting complaints about blaring commercials but concluded in 1984 there was no fair way to write regulations…

link 1 Oct Birth Control Pills Shown to Alter Structure of Women's Brains»
Oral contraceptives Photo by outcast104 via Flickr.
A new study explores the surprising cognitive effects of contraception

You aren’t yourself anymore. It’s a familiar complaint heard by…

link 26 Sep Google Warning Gmail Users On Spying From China»

Trailrunner7 writes “Google is using automated warnings to alert users of its Gmail messaging service about widespread attempts to access personal mail accounts from Internet addresses in China. The…

link 26 Sep Netduino Plus earns you Ethernet and microSD, an approving nod from Microsoft»
The two new Arduinos should spell good things for the Arduino heads out there, but meanwhile, on the other side of the tracks… Secret Labs is launching its .NET-friendly Netduino…

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